We Challenge You to Declutter Your Tiny Life


We all know that when you decide to live in a tiny home, not all of your belongings will be able to make the move. With the smaller space comes the bigger job of choosing what to take and what to get rid of. In addition, once you are living in your tiny home, it is important to remain living in more of a minimalist manner than you might be used to. But don’t stress out, there are many ways to assure your stuff doesn’t take over your tiny house. Today we will present you with several fun challenges to help you along the way.

40 Bags in 40 Days

This challenge takes place over 40 days as the name suggests and helps you declutter the clutter, in a fun way. The goal here is to fill one bag per day (or more if you are up to it). Check it out for yourself at #40Bagsin40Days to see how thousands of homeowners have created more space as a result, once and for all.


Choose 12 items that need to be thrown away, 12 items to be donated, and 12 items to keep but stored out of the way. Want to make it fun? Use a timer and challenge family members to complete the challenge in their own specific areas in a certain time.

Declutter 365

In this challenge you set daily goals to help in decluttering your life. These daily goals consist of spending no more than 15 minutes each day to accomplish a “decluttering mission” such as sorting papers on a desk or clearing off a countertop.

A Challenge to Keep Your Home Decluttered

Once you have your home free from the clutter that once filled your tiny living space, you must find a way to keep from letting junk pile up again. The idea here is to become free of things we don’t necessarily need. If we declutter our home and then reload on the junk, all the work we had done was wasted. So what is an easy way?

Make a budget. Start by tracking all of your monthly expenses to determine what you must spend your money on. Once you are finished and know where the majority of your money must go, then you can put aside a small budget to spend frivolously on things you want. The great thing here is, if you spend only the amount you have put aside, you are less likely to stockpile a large amount of junk that will once again clutter up your home. In addition, spending only a certain amount will also help you save money rather quickly!

Final Thoughts

It is no secret that if you decide to live tiny you must get rid of what you don’t need. There simply is not enough space. Decluttering you’re clutter sounds daunting and exhausting. But it doesn’t have to be. Have fun with it. There is no law that says you can’t make a game of it and get the entire family involved. Not only will you declutter your home for your tiny life, but you will spend time with your family and make a few memories along the way!

Until next time, Live Tiny Y’all!

F.A.Q. - What is a Tiny Home?

There is no set definition as to what constitutes a tiny house. However, a residential structure under 500 square feet is generally considered a tiny home.

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