Can I Get My Tiny Home Insured?


As the rise in popularity of tiny homes comes into play, there are many questions that tiny homeowners need to think about.  One of those questions concerns home insurance.  Because the tiny home movement is still in its infant stage, insurance can be a tricky situation that needs attention.

What May Prevent Me From Getting My Tiny Home Insured?

A majority of tiny home builders decide to build their own home instead of buying it.  The plus side of building themselves revolves around having the choice when it comes to the design of their home.  Unfortunately the drawback comes when these homeowners attempt to get insurance coverage.  Because the tiny home has not been built by a professional builder, it often renders the home unqualified for coverage as it may or may not meet specific zoning regulations and building codes.  
Another problem with getting a tiny home insurance rises because in most places there is no law surrounding tiny homes and the insurance company simply doesn’t know how to cover them.  What adds more confusion to the situation is that tiny homes do not have enough square footage to meet specific minimum size requirements required of most homes.

The Rise of Tiny Home Insurance

Due to the boom of the Tiny Home industry, there has been a rise in Tiny Home brokers to offer coverage and sort out the confusion.  These brokers can supply insurance to tiny home buyers if they choose to keep their home in one location.  Some companies require the homeowner to place the tiny home on a permanent or semi-permanent foundation.  Most tiny home insurance policies can cover liability, structural coverage, and content coverage.  Receiving insurance requires an on-site inspection, a building certification, electrical inspection, and documented evidence of the building process.    

Can’t I Just Buy RV Insurance?

Yes and no…maybe.  While it’s true that you can insure your home through RV insurance if you plan to travel with your home, there is a catch.  Most insurance companies will only insure a tiny home as an RV if it is manufactured by certain RV manufacturers and has received a seal by the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association.  

When Finding an Insurance Agent for Your Tiny Home…

Follow these guidelines when finding the right insurance agent for tiny home coverage:

• Find an insurance agent with an in-depth understanding of tiny homes.
• Know your rights and obligations.
• Keep all photos, documents, and certificates.

As the Tiny Home Revolution grows older the specifics of how to live tiny will continue to evolve.  Certain laws, zoning requirements, insurance standards, etc. will eventually become even more clearer.  Until then we will all have to work together to overcome the logistic and legal hurdles to make tiny living a comfortable and worthwhile experience.

F.A.Q. - What is a Tiny Home?

There is no set definition as to what constitutes a tiny house. However, a residential structure under 500 square feet is generally considered a tiny home.

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