Adding a Sense of Space to Your Tiny Home


Living in a tiny home is a great idea that gives the homeowner a life of simplicity and stress relief from a high-cost mortgage and never-ending bills and maintenance costs.  However, living tiny does limit the space you have and maybe a culture shock for some. 

Looking for ways to make your tiny home look a little more spacious?  This month we go over some simple ways to decorate your tiny home to make it not look so tiny!

If rugs are used correctly they can really open up your home.  Choose rugs with small repeating patterns or solid, light-colored rugs with no patterns.  Pastels, neutrals, and off-white are generally the best colors to use.  Using small patterns or solid colors helps not make the room look so cluttered. Using a series of small rugs under different pieces of furniture will also help the room look more spacious. 

Mount your television to the wall to free up floor space.  The more floor space we have, the more room it seems is available.  Additional wall shelving to hold DVD players and cable boxes will also help allow your home not look cluttered. As we all know, clutter easily makes a room look smaller than what it might be.

Lighting is another trick that can help make your space look larger.  Instead of using overhead lighting, use smaller lighting options such as table lamps, corner lamps, wall lamps, and candles.

Keep curtains and wall colors the same.  When your curtains blend in with the walls, the room will look larger and more open.  If you use different colored curtains, the contrast in colors will make the room look much smaller than it is.

Use the corners of your room. Store larger furniture in the corners as well as hanging pictures and paintings in the corner.  As your eyes are drawn towards the corners it will give the illusion of more space. 

More About Curtains.  Using longer curtains hung as close to the ceiling as possible will help make the room seem larger as well.  Curtains should be made of lightweight material instead of heavy, light absorbing materials.  Additionally, hang curtains that are brightly colored instead of dark colors.  The lighter your room is, the larger it will seem to be.

Hang a Mirror.  Use larger mirrors in a room to increase the appearance of more space.  Don’t want to pay for a big mirror as they are generally more costly?  Try hanging a series of smaller mirrors with the frames all painted the same color to create a sense of uniformity. 

Use a darker colored paint on your ceiling.  Brighter colors on your wall will help your home seem lighter and bigger in size.  Try painting your ceiling a darker color to create depth in the room and making your ceilings look taller.

Choosing to live tiny has many benefits to the homeowner.  However, most people still want to feel as though they have enough room.  With just a few tricks, your tiny home can look much more spacious than what it may actually be.

Until then…Live Tiny!

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F.A.Q. - What is a Tiny Home?

There is no set definition as to what constitutes a tiny house. However, a residential structure under 500 square feet is generally considered a tiny home.

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