A Tiny Home and a Baby?


Tiny Homes can be an exciting adventure for all.  A chance to minimize your life and become more simplistic in your daily endeavors.  It’s also a great chance to minimize your bills, save money, and reduce the stress that so often comes with living in and paying for a traditional home. Living in a tiny home gives the owner the chance to go anywhere and live out those adventures that was once a lonely dream.  

But what happens when children are involved?  Is it possible to live tiny or is a tiny home more suited for one or two people?  Yes, you can have children and live in a tiny house, but prepare your home accordingly.  

Design with Children in Mind

  • Make sure you have a large sink to hold the many dishes you will collect in a day such as baby bottles, sippy cups, high chair trays, and more.  
  • Lots of windows. The more light in your home, the bigger it feels inside.
  • Light and Bright Interior using light colored paint, curtains, and home decor.
  • Use an open layout making the home look bigger with plenty of space.
  • Full closet for plenty of clothing and apparel. 
  • Double French Doors with a deck, to quickly double your living space.
  • Railing for stairs and lofts.
  • Large bathtub.
  • Use flooring in the bathroom that cannot be damaged if wet. Kids like to splash!
  • Use pocket doors for all rooms.

Hold Off on Buying Too Much Baby “Stuff”

As we all know there is a lot that you can buy for a baby.  Swings, baby baths, bottles, cribs, changing stations, rocking chairs… Children don’t need as much stuff as we think.  Only buy what you absolutely need to reduce clutter and using extra space that is just not there.  Babies and children need love, not stuff.  And the best part is that your love and attention doesn’t take up room in your home.

Give Them Plenty to Do Outside Your Tiny Home

Who enjoys being stuck in the house all day?  Being cooped up inside a traditional house is bad enough, so just think about being in a tiny home all day.  Both children, and yourself, need to get out and experience life.  Take them to parks, walks, and weekend adventures.  And if your tiny home is on wheels, the adventures are endless!

There Will be Messes, Don’t Stress

With kids, come messes.  It cannot be prevented no matter how much you try. The good news is you can completely clean you tiny home top to bottom in 15-20 minutes, unlike the traditional home that can take all day,  

One in One Out

A great rule to live by is the One in, One out rule.  When you buy something new, donate something old.  This is an easy way to stop clutter from taking over.

Quality not Quantity

Kids don’t need 20 pairs of jeans, or 12 pairs of boots.  Yes, you child is cute and looks great in a new outfit. No one is disputing that.  But the space just isn’t there for it all.  Instead, purchase limited numbers of what your kid actually needs that is of great quality. Besides, your child will outgrow it all quickly anyways.

Final Thoughts…

Tiny Homes are a great option for many people, yet those with children or want children in the future, tend to shy away from doing so due to the fear that there just isn’t enough room. The fact is that a tiny home is great for small families as long as you think things out first, and go by these simple tips I have given you.  Life is an adventure, make the most out of that adventure by living tiny!

Until next time…live tiny!

F.A.Q. - What is a Tiny Home?

There is no set definition as to what constitutes a tiny house. However, a residential structure under 500 square feet is generally considered a tiny home.

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